May / August: Costume Feast and Hlohovec Festival

May / August: Costume Feast and Hlohovec Festival

In the village of Hlohovec (district of Břeclav) still lives a lively ethnographic activity. Twice a year, traditional folk costume feasts are held.

The first of the two feasts is in May every year, in honour of Saint John Nepomuk, the Saint of Bohemia, whose feast day is on the 16th and the second of the traditional feasts takes place every year on a Sunday and on a Monday in honour of Saint Bartholomew, whose feast day is on the 24th of August. The costumed feasts which take place on these days are ancient in origin. They are enjoyed by people in the local area but they are particularly looked forward to by the young people who consider it to be like Christmas.

The appearance of the maypole differs slightly in each village of Moravia, but typical elements can be found everywhere. The Maypole is the very symbol that announces to the surrounding area that there is a feast in the village. It rises high, consisting of two or three trunks connected to each other. The green top, decorated with ribbons, was supposed to symbolize life. The rest of the trunk is stripped of branches and bark. Maypoles are hand-built in increasingly fewer villages, so it is no wonder that this tradition always attracts many spectators to the House of Culture (Community Centre) on the Saturday evening, following the interesting spectacle of the erecting of the Maypole.

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Lednice-Valtice Apartment

We cordially invite you to the Lednicko-Valtický Apartment, which is located in the South Moravian wine village of Hlohovec, in the middle of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, whose monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can stay in our Lednicko-Valtický apartment, enjoy relaxing cycling in this flat beautiful countryside and sip the best wine from the vineyards around the protected landscape area of Pálava.

Akce a události v okolí

Lednicko-valtický Apartmán Hlohovec

April: Wine Exhibition Hlohovec

South Moravia belongs to wine and wine to South Moravia and of course Hlohovec is no exception. Traditionally, local winemakers organize an exhibition of delicious beverages. A particular and traditional kind of music called “Cimbál” is played during the wine tasting event, which is regularly held on Easter Sunday at the local culture house (community centre).

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May: Valtice Wine Markets

The oldest, largest and most prestigious wine exhibition in the Czech Republic on the premises of the Valtice chateau, in which participate international exhibitors.

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